Toward the end of our twenty-seventh date, I stood behind BFD as he did our post-dinner dishes and grabbed his ass. He told me to stop because he would get too excited, adding “We don’t always have to have sex.”

Um, yes, we do.

Well, okay, we don’t but I did shave my legs and get all cute to hang out with you.

Tonight (Sunday) was short and a little odd. I came down at 715 and I was gone by 945. He was very non-sexual with me the whole time. I leaned over and kissed him after I arrived, we were touching for the most part while we were on the sofa, and we kissed a few times before I left, but that was it.

No sex.

I was rather annoyed. Friday, the sex was very, very enjoyable (with new moves by me and my focus truly on him), but ultimately unsatisfying for me, so tonight I was really looking forward to the sex. Except it did not happen.

After dinner, and dessert, he let me know we would be ending our evening, so I stood up to leave, which bothered him a lot. I sat back down, moved closer to him, and put my head against his chest, while he wrapped his arm around me. It was slightly awkward, but we needed that physical connection. We are often touching when we’re together, even if we’re just stretching across one another.

We spoke significantly while he stood in the kitchen and hand-washed the dishes. He told me how happy he is being in town so much, how comfortable he is, how much progress he’s making in his training, etc. (He looks unbelievably hot.) It was important and felt important. It’s not just what he says, it’s what he doesn’t say.

Over the past few days, BFD has been letting me know that he is putting down roots here. He wants to connect to my friends, etc. BFD is very analytical and starts laying groundwork early. He knows what moves he will make and he floats trial balloons long before he asks me anything. It’s charming. I know he has a plan, I just don’t know what it is.

As I was leaving, I made sure that the sex was definitely off. I was pretty mad and I ended up saying to him that the sex on Friday was not good, which was not true. I felt terrible about saying that. I was also really angry with him.

I kissed him goodbye (a few times) and we talked calendar for the week. Then I left.

Although I am not sure why, I became so enraged while sitting in his driveway that if I were a different sort of person, I would have walked back into the house to say wtf is wrong with you? Are we not connecting?

But I know that’s completely stupid.

I called him as soon as I got home because I was still mad, but I felt terrible.

I started to apologize, but BFD interrupted me to say, “look, I don’t know what you’re talking about so why don’t you take the political route and ignore it.” Very wise. I took his advice.