I know he considers himself single in that he is not married. Any meaning other than that, I have no idea.

After silence for 4 hours during which he ducked my calls, BFD responded to a business email finally at 6:57 pm, kind of dickishly. I responded substantively. He responded back again kind of dickishly and pissed me off even more. I drafted a response, but before I hit send, he called me at 740.

I was obviously pissed off and remained pissed off throughout the first few minutes. Gradually, I softened and we spoke real business, etc.

After he finished telling me how crappy his day was at around the 30 minute mark, I said, “. . . . well, at least you weren’t fielding condolence calls all day rrom people sorry that we broke up.” He said, WHAT? I repeated myself, and he said, “Who would prank call you? That doesn’t make sense!”

I said, my friends saw your update. I also said, I told them I spoke to you two hours ago and it made no sense.

He was horrified that they thought we broke up and he wanted to know specifically who thought it.

He said, “look, people ask me all the time on facebook if I am married and if I have kids, so I wanted to stop the questions. There are only two statuses that matter . . . married or single . . . and I am not married . . . and I do not have children.” He said, “Nothing else matters.”

He reminded me that he has never posted anything, that he does not want anything personal on his page, etc. I said, yes, honey, I know, I’ve never even tagged you in photos of us, which he appreciates. He told me someone from his previous town tagged him in a pic and he asked her to remove it. (I explained he could do it himself and he was surprised.)

We are so solid and it’s clear we are more than dating. He knows he is my boyfriend. The fact it never occurred to him to tell me that he was posting he was single and why . . . the fact that he assumed immediately that it was a prank. It never occurred to him that I would question our status because our relationship is solid.

Among the crazy things I pondered in the midst of my waiting for him: why would he break up with me like that when I am driving his 50k car? That’s just stupid.

I did not get it at all because it did not fit. We have been together, we are happy, and we are committed to each other.

On the business matter, he pushed me a lot and I pushed back, hard. We had very specific conversations and he is worried about me financially. He worries that what I am working on (other than his deal) are long-shots. We both know that his deal will stabilize me financially for a year and he desperately wants that for me.

I want that, too, obviously.

Then we talked about the remaining stuff on which I am working, which I have not discussed with him in detail. Some of it, he likes, some he does not. He does not understand my industry, so none of it makes sense to him. He’s much more concrete. Anyway, I walked him through the basics and he was happy that these projects are out there. He told me I have two paths and I need to pick one.

He really is an incredibly thoughtful man.

Anyway, we spoke calendar and he corrected me that he would be here until Sunday, so we would see each other. We cannot stop seeing each other.

No matter what, we are connected. Perhaps more so than we realized until we had to contemplate our future apart.