On this date more than twenty years ago, I was raped by someone I knew. I was a very young teenager and I made a stupid decision to get very drunk at a party at my boyfriend’s house. That was the last decision I made.

I left the party, being essentially carried out. I passed out in the car. Later, I was aware somehow that he was having sex with me, but I had no control over what was happening.

It was my first sexual experience of any kind.

Unsurprisingly, I was branded a slut, and taunted by my boyfriend and his teammates. It was so horrible and so damaging to my psyche that I decided to resign from the exclusive high school sorority position to which I had just been elected. They declined my resignation and I received comfort and support from those girls that I did not receive from my girlfriends.

I was ashamed and humiliated, but it took years before I coped what had actually happened. We had someone raped on campus and I hosted an vigil and a meeting. Toward the end, I publicly acknowledged what I had never told anyone, including my then-boyfriend.

This date haunts me still.