No matter what medical science may say, I know I have one secret to weight loss.


The more water — and tea — I drink, the more weight I lose.

Yes, I watch my calories carefully always (even when I splurge, I am aware that I am splurging), I avoid empty carbs like I have an allergy to them, and I never ever use artificial sweetener, but the big key: water.

This week, I decided to take advantage of BFD’s absence to shave 2 or 3 pounds off. Now, granted, my weight is stable. For the past four months, my range is 112-117 with a rare pound slip in either direction. I prefer myself at 113 with 115 as the highest point. When I hit 116, I get a little nervous. For the past two weeks with pms, a very late period (again!), and regular meals with BFD, my weight had been bouncing around 116. That’s fine, but not my preference.

This week, though, I have eaten very carefully, no splurges, no 3 chinese meals, only one meal out (dinner with JerkFace on Wednesday — I ate a delicious [bun-free] mushroom swiss bacon burger), no alcohol. I was frustrated with the progress for the first couple of days, losing only .2 pounds. Then, I started drinking much more water and tea.

Increased hydration was the big change from the beginning of the week to the last 4 days. Everything else was exactly the same.

One week later, I have lost 2 pounds.

I am going to stick with an ascetic plan for a bit longer. I should be without BFD for another couple of days, at least, so it makes sense to try to reset at 113 again after spending a couple of weeks at 116.

I am pleased with how well things have gone. I know much of this weight loss is water weight, but I am just as pleased to have that off my frame as losing a lot of body fat.