I have had a couple of nice chats with BFD tonight.

He called me after his class, all bubbly and excited. He wants me to go, too, but we agreed I had to wait. He even offered to pay for me to participate. (Of course, after first considering if he could get a pass for me, he said, it’s not that much [uh, yeah, it is], I can just do it.)

He really liked one of my friends who he’d never met before. They graduated from college the same year from the same sort of school, which was very important to my friend and wildly insignificant to BFD (“I mean, I appreciated [him asking about people they might have had in common], but it was 20 years ago!”)

I mentioned that I finally got word that my invoice would be paid . . . and he could not have cared less. Of course.

We were supposed to see each other tonight, in passing, so that he could give me a check for the money he is lending to me. On further reflection, he realized his checks were all out of state (still?) so to avoid a hold, he skipped it and decided that he should just wire the money to me. (I said, um, okay, whatever.)

So we really just chatted about nothing for a while and it was great. He was just very happy, but I needed to get back to a rough conversation I was having with BP, so we said the usual “okay, talk to you later” and hung up.

An hour later, I was still talking to BP when my battery died. The base rang and though the number said “out of area” I picked up assuming it was BP.

Instead, it was BFD who was just so happy again to chat. He wanted to tell me that he wanted the car back for a few days. He had to do something official with it, which I cannot do since I am not on the paperwork, plus he decided he wanted to wash and wax it for me. He wanted to be sure it would not be too inconvenient for me, it will, but not terrible. He offered to pick up all my cab fares until I got it back. Very sweet.

I told him again that I was looking forward to doing the class with him, and he is so excited about it. He loves that I want to do it.

We made unusual plans for tomorrow . . . lunch! At his favorite restaurant, at my suggestion. He implored me to make him eat light. He said he is craving our favorite dish at the upscale chinese place, but I told him no, we’re having sushi. We set our plans and it sounds like it will be just lunch, which is fine. It’s been over a week since we’ve had sex. We skipped it on date 33 (a movie date) because he was still exhausted and ill. So, tomorrow, we’re going for lunch, meeting at the restaurant, and then coordinating the car handoff and money handoff. Wild.

When BFD gets stressed out or concerned or worried, he makes me stressed out or concerned or worried. Yesterday’s intense conversation faded into the ether. Today, he was obviously not stressed and all of his comments and statements reflected that. Plus, he met two more of my friends, without me. He did ask if I thought a certain color of workout gear was “gay” and that he’d been self-conscious about it. I immediately said, yes, and laughed, but then I clarified that it was not was he was wearing, it’s what he was doing.

So tonight was good, even though I did not see him. I was not emotional at all about him. It was just normal and low stress.

(At least with him. BP is another matter altogether.)