Literally, BFD has made me sick. Again.

I have already gotten a uti because of him.

Thanks to date 36, I have an infection. No one who is not breastfeeding gets this particular infection, but I have it. The best thing about getting it: having my hot doctor explain how it occurs, while my mother is sitting there.


I have had a high fever for a couple of days, some extreme breast tenderness and unbelievable amounts of pain. I could not sleep on Saturday it hurt so badly.

Still, I persevered — hitting the trail daily with my mother, shopping like mad, eating and drinking.

This afternoon, I was shopping for dresses at the greatest store of all time: last call at neiman marcus. I bought 4 cocktail dresses that are so beyond gorgeous I have a hard time picking my favorite. My mother was in the dressing room with me as I tried on about 20 things on clearance. I bought Vera Wang for $40. Original retail: $550. I bought a cocktail dress that will be a fall signature for $20. I bought a dress so impossibly gorgeous that it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy. It’s just French and fabulous. The most expensive piece cost $70. Each of them are NY society worthy and will obviously be worn around town at all of our parties, etc

Today, as I tried on dress after dress, I could no longer ignore the fact my whole breast was red and inflamed. The fever got to me, and I paid no attention to how much I was spending. And it was a lot for me.

I finally told my mother as we got into the car: I have to find a doctor. Now.

We went across the street to a walk-in clinic. We waited all of 10 minutes. The nurse was great, the doctor was awesome (and hot). It was humiliating to have the doctor tell me, with my permission in front of my mother, that it was sexually related and “my husband” caused it.

I got a shot of penicillin, a scrip for hardcore antibiotics, and a scrip for painkillers.

I cannot wait to tell BFD that he made me sick. Again. The only times I have been ill in years have been caused by him.