Five days ago, I was concerned because my weight had crept up 5 pounds over my freakout limit of 118.  (My weight had been over 118 for 14 days total while I experimented with a slightly larger body.)

The next day, it was up 4 pounds more (sushi rolls, barbecued spare ribs).  Sadly for me, that was a day I saw BFD.  That day, I was physically uncomfortable.  My skirt felt tight.  Walking around with him, I did not look like myself.  I did not post a picture of myself from the sushi dinner the night before (it was a birthday party).  I looked big.  BFD, who is a bit obsessed with my obsession with my weight, was not discouraging when I told him I was on a diet.

I had already started my diet that day, and by the next morning. I was down 4.4 pounds.

So, now, in three days, I have lost 7.8 pounds.  It was not much real weight.  It was mostly water retention from sodium and from having my period, but it is a couple of real pounds. I had been over 118 for a couple of weeks.

I look like me again, back at 118.  I intend to lose 3 or 4 more pounds over the next couple of weeks.

After my little experiment, I accept that 115 is my preferred weight with a float between 113 and 118.