Okay, so I have lost almost 8 pounds in 3 days . . . mostly water, but it happened because I went back on my plan.

Everyone’s body chemistry is different, but for me, the easiest way to lose weight is to cut carbs and stop drinking wine.

I do monitor my calories closely, but I snack on cheese and nuts.  Everything is scaled smaller and portion control is key.  It’s not easy . . . it’s never easy . . . but my body responds well to a very specific way of eating.

Part of the difficulty in dieting is a feeling of deprivation.  I had to retrain my tastebuds and now I prefer tart to sweet. I used to crave sugar — I had eaten a half bag of oreos in a single sitting and often snuck to the market to replace the ex’s ice cream or cookies.  Now, I can have cookies here without temptation or have one and not a package.  BFD keeps a dish of hershey’s miniatures two feet from my seat on the sofa and I’ve never indulged.

I was also a stress eater.  My life is no less stressful.  If anything, the past year has been more stressful, but now I rarely feel that urge.  If I do, it’s usually tied to pms, so I eat nuts by the tablespoon.  Even if I overindulge on an extra hundred calories of almonds, so what?

Ulitmately, long term maintenance is about balance.  I’ve been at (or below) my goal for more than a year.  I dropped from a tight 12 to a 2/4.  I indulge, I had a vacation week where at least one meal a day was something absurd: high tea with tarts and scones and cucumber sandwiches, a food and wine pairing, a pound of pork ribs, etc.  Now that vacation is over, I am back to eating normally and the weight is coming off.  I eat more carbs from vegetables, fruit, and dairy when I am in active weight loss (I snack on hummus and baby carrots, and I make a .5 c or .67 c kefir smoothie for dessert).  I eat bread or chips or tortillas or cake if I feel like it, but I view it as an indulgence, not as the way I eat.

Throughout this site, I have written weight loss tips that worked for me.  The best compilation of them is here: The Planner’s Guide to Dieting, which I wrote for my mother last year.