I had my most effective work day in weeks, if not longer.

I am still a bit brittle and incapable of managing through too much negativity, which, sadly, it what I am confronted with regularly.

But today was effective.  I got good work done.  I felt creative.

Since I have been so stressed for the past 2 months, working feels like I am encased in a gigantic fat suit.  Like every step puts pressure on my knees and ankles.  It’s also like walking underwater.  Everything is just 5 times harder and more painful than it should be.

Today, I felt a little relief.  I gave myself a break.  I just focused on working.  I gave W 20 minutes of counsel and it just worked.  (And I may have picked up a good piece of referred business.

I am very pre-menstrual, but today I was focused and effective.

I had long talks with BP about upcoming projects and which side of the deal I will be on in BFD’s deal.  I am still not holding my breath, but he said it’s 90% that he’s going to do it.

I am sort of excited about tomorrow, to see if I can keep the streak going