I went to an opening of a new boutique last night with K, a beautiful girl and the girlfriend of one of my besties E.

We had a blast.  Unlike many of the attendees, K and I were actually shopping.  We tried on cocktail dresses . . . because we have weddings to attend in the fall.  We looked at jewelry.  We drank truly excellent cocktails and ate sashimi.  Sadly, it got so crowded and so hot that we bailed before the dress we were waiting for was available.  Still, it was a wonderful night, at which I became somewhat tipsy.

K and I shop together a bit.  She’s not particular adventurous, sticking mostly to a black and white palate, and wearing mostly trousers and jeans.

I, on the other hand, tend to dress.  I wore a statement dress last night.  One that made you take notice.  It’s a dress a woman wears for other women in fashion . . . like I wish I were traveling out of the country with BP today because it would be a perfect dress for our fancy dinners there, where fashion is more of a thing.  But, I live here, where it’s not.  It’s not a dress a man would notice, but the bateau neck, the shiftish cut, which still manages to skim the hips, the short (but not daring) length, and the beautiful fabric and construction jump out to women who look for such things. It’s a dress I can wear for the next 10 years and women who know will always say “wow.”

So, in ridiculous heels, elbowing through the crowd, K and I shopped.  The prices were surprisingly reasonable (great dresses in the 100-250 range, jeans for 130, jewelry 25-50 for stuff I really liked).  Sadly, it got so hot we did leave early, but I intend to follow up with an email to the boutique.  Though it’s far from our usual stomping ground (essentially in what is now considered “midtown”), I will certainly be back, dragging K with me, hoping that I can convince her that a dress that falls to just above her knee looks fabulous on her.  She is 28 and thinks she has too much cellulite to wear “short” dresses.  She is insane.

We tried on a few of the same dresses and I was shocked that I am thinner than she.  She is 5’2″, a former gymnast, with a fabulous body.  She insisted I was thinner and she was right.  There were photographers who took pictures and our names (more for her than me). The whole experience was very fun, and very girly.  The bartenders and servers were just the right amount of flirtatious, but not unctuous.

As we headed back to our parts of town, we made plans to hit another tonight and decided to invite other girlfriends to join us.

It felt very, very good.  I have been breaking out of my pattern and my routine and reaching out more over the past few weeks.  I am hitting new places, drinking cocktails (instead of water or wine), and enjoying my life.

Plus, I will get K into a short, bold dress.  And E will thank me.