After we had sex, we went up to take a shower together.

As he started the water, he looked down and saw a razor, a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner on the shower floor.  He said, without concern, “my ex stayed here for a couple of days while I was out of town.”

Now, I had seen a pillow and blanket and sheets folded and stacked downstairs next to the sofa and it did not register.

While we were in the shower together as he explained she’d been in a town where her family lives 90 minutes away and then came to town while he was gone.

I can see how BFD did not notice her stuff still there.  He rarely showers — just bathes — and his clothes were strewn next to the tub, which still had some lingering bubbles from when he was getting ready to see me.  She hadn’t cleaned the shower or taken her stuff, so he said, well, I guess the stuff is mine now, as he examined it.

I am not saying I necessarily believe him completely, but he had no guile about it.  It was very straightforward with no awkwardness or discomfort.  He told me that she is having a tough time, so she’s just kind of floating.  Fine, don’t actually care.  I believe that it’s over, but I know she still owes him money, to which he’s referred only obliquely, and she still calls him regularly  In general, he seems annoyed by her, but who knows.

We got clean, and stepped in and out of the spray.

Though I could not help but stare at him since he was aroused, I didn’t make a move and neither did he.  Instead, we talked about a lot of stuff.

He began scrubbing the glass while we were still in there, annoyed that the shower was not clean, that there was a stray hair, etc. He’s so ridiculous.  Our shower was much longer than necessary as a result.  As he did, we talked a little business in the shower, my business.  He was back focused on me and my life.