Well, it’s not a big lie.  It’s what I think I can do in 2 weeks.  Four pounds in 2 weeks, which would drop me from 119.8 to 115.8, which is my perfect mid-point.

It’s not my real goal though.  My real goal: 113.

There, I said it.  I don’t know that it’s reasonable, since I am starting to work out, but I want to be back at my 113 size (if not weight), steadily, by mid-September.

My birthday is in 2 weeks, so I know I will be a little off my plan then.  Aside from that, I am sticking to the no liquor, no wasted carbs (no tater tots or waffle fries or dessert while eating out) plan.  Even now, I don’t eat a lot of that stuff, but I indulge when I want, which is why I put on 2 pounds over my preferred range.  The last six weeks have been filled with cocktail parties and new restaurants and pizza and the occasional chocolate peanut butter pie, so I am doing this two week thing now, so I can go back to balancing my indulgences with my life, without maybe indulging so often.

This morning, I was down 0.8, with a drop in body fat, too.