I am using twitter rather than full blog posts because things are very busy and it’s hard to think through things enough for even my random, illogical musings.

But, there are big things happening. I have a birthday next week, which is no longer freaking me out. It’s not a big one, but I am still having a cocktail party in my own honor, with a titular host.

I am overworked, completely stressed, and dedicated to a new workout regime that is leaving my body riddled with random bruises from contact with, I suppose, the floor. Hard to say.

Things with BFD are tense because our lives are tense, but we’re still together, and still trying to make things work. I see him in training, which i interesting, to watch him among friendly acquaintances be BFD. I was unintentionally rude to him on Tuesday, so we’re not thrilled with each other right now. I should see him tonight for a minute, so I will try to make it up.

And that’s pretty much the short version.

Off for lunch with BP, then training with BFD, and trying to get things done.