This was our fourth workout together.  We’re taking a class, essentially, and it’s been very interesting.  Generally, I have not interacted with him much in class.  He’s been doing it almost as long as we’ve been dating and he’s well-known and beloved there.

We battled a bit over my ignoring him and we’ve reconciled ourselves to a bit of distance and awkwardness, but now I sit next to him before class if he’s early and I talk to him after.

Tonight, he was late.  He came in right before class started, straight from a run.  I was already positioned at the very back, where he’d directed me last time.  We could see each other, but we were not close to each other.  I saw him looking in my direction, but I refused to meet his eye.  Class is hard — challenging, dynamic, and it really kicks my ass.  Tonight, it kicked his, too. 

The instructor paused at one point to say [Big], did you just buckle under?  And he had.  He literally could not complete the combination of moves.  Again, I was not paying that much attention to him, but it’s a little hard to not notice when your guy is being called out.

The last third of class is more free-form and we readjust ourselves and our positioning.  BFD joined me and worked out next to me for the last twenty minutes, talking to me and interacting with me in class.  Everything from telling me how cute my socks were to showing me a better position for what I was doing.  For the last twenty minutes, we were very connected and it was obvious, finally, to everyone, that we’re a couple.  He would look over at me and talk or position himself so we were nearly touching.  He was adorable, really, and it felt amazing to be there with him and to be so tightly together.  He even, leaned over while we were doing crunches, to ask me to identify the music.  I am dying on the floor, and he’s asking me to think.  So funny.

After, we spoke to the instructor and the instructor’s SO and we were cute and together.

It’s like now that he’s no longer nervous about me coming in and being all girlfriendy, he’s making it clear that I am his girl.

The instructor tonight told me how great I look, and how he can tell a difference.  Honestly, I can already see a change in my body and it feels amazing.

We walked out to his car (not my car) and he was immediately on the phone.  Well, after changing shirts because he was drenched and in pain.

We headed off together for dinner at our favorite chinese place where they usually treat him like a rock star, and tonight, there was no rock star treatment.  No specials from the chef, no bringing our food before we ordered.  It was disappointing, actually, and I mentioned it to him.

Still, it was a nice dinner, and we were reconnecting.  He asked, at one point, why BP was not advancing money to me ahead of the closing and I told him that six months ago, BP and I got into a fight about money — he was supposed to have paid something, didn’t, I yelled at him, and he cut me off.  BFD was sympathetic — to BP: [Plan], you can’t do that, you can’t yell at him like that.”  I gave him more detail, and he began to understand more, but still backed BP on it.

Thanks, baby.

I told him he seemed a little more relaxed and he said it was still horrible.  It had been a horrible three weeks and he could not believe how bad things have been, but they’ll ease up a bit.  So of course, he’s traveling without me.  I asked him to come with me to a family wedding and he said no.  No weddings except his.  Hilarious.  I hate weddings, so I am not surprised, but I liked that he considered the trip until I told him why.

We spoke movies, spoke a little business, and then wrapped up dinner.  I got up to use the ladies room and he handed me his credit card to give to the waiter.  So efficient.

We headed back to my house and I was fairly certain it would be sex-free . . . which it was.  It’s been almost 3 weeks now since we’ve last had sex.  He was working and ill and in pain, so I am not surprised.  Even tonight, he was in significant pain.  We kissed a few times in the car and he was playful and lovely.  (He even grabbed my breast, which dude, totally unfair.)  He said he’d call me, and I said, B, no you won’t.  I love that you think that you might, but you won’t.  We laughed and kissed again.  Yeah, he knows he’s terrible.

We made tentative plans for next Wednesday.  He’s flying home to see his parents in the morning and he’s back on Wednesday morning.

I am totally crazy about him and he’s crazy about me, too.  Everything is back to being nice and comfortable and lovely.  He’s getting happier and more relaxed about me and my life.  He just made 300k today, which is nice, and he was happy to hear that I could be earning a little less than that in the next 45 days.  It’s like he sees me as being successful, even though nothing has closed, and he’s comfortable with my choices.  He understands more why certain things are the way they are and he’s seeing more logic.

Things are good between us, and I am actually very happy.