I have a family wedding in September. It will be small — maybe 50 people — all but 10 related to me by blood or marriage.

It’s an evening wedding, which means formal, but the bride, to whom I am not yet related, has a theme in mind.  A ridiculous theme.  Her bridesmaids are wearing tea length suits.  Seriously.  My aunts are wearing an array of formal.  I intended to wear short: a fabulous dress I picked up this summer, but it’s a little baggy on me now.

Yesterday, I flipped through a vintage portfolio for inspiration.  This morning, I realized I already owned the perfect dress.  I have owned it for maybe 15 years.  It’s a ribboned silk sheath, timeless, elegant, while cut low and slit high in the back.  And, tea-length!  Plus, it’s evocative of the bride’s era.  Belted, it is a modern update.  The color is great for fall.

I tried it on and it mostly fits.  It looks better with a belt.  It will still be a little big, but I think it’s perfect.

Dress — solved.

I love shopping in my own closet.  I get rid of a lot of things, but I tend to hang on to dresses and special pieces.  I am so glad I kept this dress.