That is what W said when he called me this afternoon.  He said, I have a date for you for Friday night for the opening and the gala.

I was excited, and acknowledged “I am free on Friday night.”  I was W’s date last year, which is how I met N.

Sadly, the date . . . was with a woman . . . and I am her second choice!


Still I hope V backs out so L takes me as her date.  I love this party and I have a perfect dress or three.

(My dates with BFD are Tuesday and Saturday.)

The rest of my day was really good.  Nothing much happened, but in deciding to climb out of my rut and be more positive, things went really well today.

I went to a screening of a new movie, and then headed over to watch some football with friends.  I ate poorly — a ton of popcorn at the movie and then 2 brownies during the game.  Clearly I have pms . . .

Tomorrow, I have a date with BFD and I am looking forward to seeing him.  I have a ton of work to do, so it will be an action-packed day.

The bottom line, though, is that I am feeling much better despite some additional setbacks.