Hi, y’all.  I am here, sort of.  I have been out of pocket with family fun and I feel outstanding.

BFD and I are still doing whatever bullshit we do.  I left last Wednesday with his money in my wallet and his smell on my skin.  Even after we showered together after unusually freaky morning sex, I still smelled him.

I love him, but we’re probably done.  I may continue to sleep with him while I date other people because I hate breaking in new sexual partners and I like to keep my numbers artificially low by using a designated hitter.

Besides, we’re amazing in bed together.  Out of bed, we have great potential, but I am uninterested in waiting for him to realize with his therapist all the shit he’s doing wrong.

Or we may reconcile completely, but that’s unlikely at this point because I am sort of over his bullshit.  I got another “[fill in the blank month] will be bad” comment from him yesterday and realized, fuck him.

I am inundated with work, I have a mildly sprained wrist, which will make my workout interesting, and I will do a long check in shortly.