I am getting very excited about LP. He’s adorable, attentive, ridiculously successful, and genuinely likes me, not that he actually knows me yet, of course.

In the meantime, I still have a relationship with BFD, though strained and constrained and perhaps irrevocably broken. But, perhaps not.

LP emailed me last night on the way to the airport and once he had landed. I called him, assuming he was picking up his bags and he was still on the plane. He also called me “babe,” which I find too cute when either of them do it.

At this point, I don’t have to make any kind of decision.

Everyone wants me to date LP and abandon BFD forever, but I am not quite there. BFD has been a horrible boyfriend for a while, but I love him and he forces me to step up my game all the time, which is something I love in a romantic partner. (BP was/is the same; A was the opposite.)

LP is interesting to me in a lot of ways. He’s a lawyer, so he’s very different from the men with whom I normally deal, but he is also very creative and objectively brilliant. At this point, I am enjoying his attention.

We had a weird moment. He started emailing me at 7 am; I had worked until 1 am so I was still asleep. Once I was up, we exchanged email and he asked me rather impertinently “how old are you?” while letting me know he was BFD’s age (me +4). So, I told him and made a little joke and heard nothing in response for an hour.

Finally, I emailed him again to say, your timing is terrible: I tell you how old I am and joke about my last job and you go dark? He responded immediately that he was slammed and having a rough day, which I knew. It’s kinda cool already and we have a nice rapport.

BFD called me this afternoon to check in on business and on personal. He’s gone for a while. We are not really connecting at all and barely speaking. I am okay with that. His schedule is insane and he’s more overwhelmed than I’ve ever seen him. He was sweet at the end of the conversation, but, he’s still gone and not caring whether we see each other. It’s okay . . . it is what it is.

LP emailed again a little before 5 to tell me he was having a rough day, as was I. (New deadlines, long meeting, lots of stress.) We exchanged emails for a while until I had to get ready to leave for a long meeting. I called him from my cell and it went to voicemail, he did not call back, so I emailed him once I got home to check in. I emailed BFD, too, for business.

Tonight, BFD changed his FB profile: he is no longer listed as single. I know it is meaningless, but I am tempted to congratulate him on his wall. I know it is not about anything, but I also know . . . it’s not about me. Yes, we’re still sort of together, but not really. We’re apart romantically, together sexually, and hopeful we can reconcile fully at some point. Or at least we were.

My big meeting tonight was about BFD’s deal and it went very, very well.