Tonight, I saw LP for the first time in 8 months. I was home after a long afternoon with BP (during which I admitted that BFD and I had split [although not completely, so all of this is wonderful and complicated . . . argh]) and everything else canceled, so he texted me to ask if I wanted to meet him for a drink downtown.

I’ve been thinking that we needed to see each other before our first date. Since Monday (good lord, it’s only been 5 freaking days), I have spoken to him on the phone every day and we’ve exchanged hundreds of texts. On Thursday night, we spoke until after 230 am, for over an hour we had a long intense discussion, which made us both incredibly happy and, frankly, very excited, though it was entirely nonsexual. We hung up and called back and just could not stop talking and reaching out.

He is a lawyer with lots of big important cases and he works hard, managing cases and teams of lawyers in multiple states. When he told me why he is stressed out, I laughed because it’s absurd the amount of work he does and the scale at which he does it. Anyway, our talking until after 230 meant that he was working on 3 hours of sleep in a very mentally challenging job. I, on the other hand, got to sleep in. Then again, I am not ridiculously successful.

He had a particularly rough day, so when he asked if I would meet him for a late drink, I went.

I met up with JerkFace and his girl JFG (clever, I know), who were really my impetus to reach out to him in the first place.

I nervously scanned the room and saw him coming walking in, finally. He did not see me (we were up on the second level, so I watched him walk in, look around, and order a drink downstairs. I came down and it was weird and wonderful.

We awkwardly hugged each other at first and then hugged each other repeatedly. He has a nice body, shorter than I’d remembered (my new theme), and a little older looking. I suppose he looks his age, but the men I typically date look significantly younger than they actually are.

He looked good, though. Handsome enough, but not like head-turningly handsome.

Still, we look good together.

I walked him up to where Jerk Face and his girl were sitting. I told LP as we walked up that they were the impetus for my reaching out to him in the first place. He interacted with them for a bit before turning his attention back to me fully. It was nice. At first we were rather standoffish physically, but as time wore on, he held my hand, then my leg and he was just adorable.

He kept saying “you’re so beautiful, I could just stare at you,” and he did. It was nice to be with him and there was a wonderful vibrant chemistry between us in person. We had already realized that just talking we had chemistry, but it was amazing to sit with him after 8 months and feel the crackle of electricity between us.

As he sat there, he was obviously exhausted, so I told him he should go, and I would leave with him. He lives a couple of blocks from where we were, so I told him I’d walk to his building and grab a cab from there. It’s actually closer to where I live (and therefore cheaper to cab). We walked along and held hands and when we reached a block away, he stopped and hugged me and he kissed my neck. Then he worked his way up to my lips. He thinks he is a great kisser, and it was okay. I was a little uncomfortable since we were brightly lit on the street in a city in which I know I ton of people. I am not one to be making out in public where I live.

He told me he was amazed by how great my body was. He hadn’t remembered that, and I teased him because I knew that was the case.

We walked along hand in hand and finally found a cab. He kissed me goodbye and sent me on my way. I called him as soon as I got home and we spoke for about 15 minutes. I shared something with him that he found exciting and intoxicating. We were both so excited about our actual first date.