Going through my head right now is Mary Wilson singing “I’ve got too lovers . . .”

I don’t have two lovers exactly, but I am now officially romantically involved with two different men. I was having sex before with BFD as I was starting to date LP, but BFD and I have romantically reconciled, and, apparently, I am still dating LP.


I started dating BFD again in the absence of LP. Now, after a month away, LP is back.

All day, I have been trying to convince myself that he’s not really back, that we are to be friends. He asked me to coffee this morning, but I never heard from him. I texted him about 150 pm to say: ” so, we missed morning coffee. care to try for late afternoon/post-work?” He replied back immediately, apologizing “Sorry had a problem with my [kid] this am. Are you going to be out tonite? ” I told him I would be, so he sent a fairly noncommittal: “Nice. I will try to stop by and buy you a drink.”

Try to stop by being the important words. Not I will see you later. I will try to stop by.

I replied back equally noncommittally: “Sounds good. It would be nice to see you.”

Thanks to a fight with BP and a long conference call, I decided to skip the workout, but still meet W downtown for a drink. I cabbed, expensively, thanks to poor planning, and enjoyed some quality time with W at our new Cheers. I texted LP as soon as I got there to tell him where I was. I did not hear back.

About 715, W has to leave to get to a new party, so I left with him, after confirming JerkFace was not out. I called LP again, but there was no answer.

Now, I have been convinced that this was a “we need to talk” thing. Not a romantic thing in any way, despite how much I wanted him to walk through the doors, wrap his arms around me, and hold me tightly.

45 minutes after I got home, I got the inevitable, “where is [the bar]?” I had to tell him I was home already, but offered to come back out or meet him where he was. He declined saying “I will probably be done by the time u’d get here. Not sure re after. Still pretty wiped from the last few weeks” and follow-up immediately with “How about a definite coffee tomorrow at 8ish at sbux on [our main street, equidistant between us]?”

I agreed, though I added “Sure, I could do that … but I look awfully cute now.” Which I totally did — great boots, a cute pencil skirt and black cashmere sweater with an interesting front, and cable knit tights.

I called BFD as I was curled up in bed, and he said “why do you sound so weird?!!!” I said, well, I am curled up in bed. He said, somewhat irritatedly, “it’s only 930.” True enough, baby, true enough. We discussed our tentative plans for Friday, talked calendar, and I told him how much I enjoyed receiving his business holiday update, as I had received the personal one the day before. Everything was light and comfortable and relationshippy between us.

An hour later, I texted LP to confirm an hour later and he said “Definitely. I am crashing. Xxoo ”

Okay, so that’s weird. We’re meeting for coffee, what’s with the whole xxoo thing??? I am sort of waiting for him to break my heart, not to be dating him again.

Then for an hour, we exchange texts, emails, photos, and shared a phone call that I can still hear in my head.

He started by sending me two photos he’d taken in his office yesterday morning, according to his bberry timestamp, long before I’d reached out to invite him to Friday’s deal. The photos were perfect. One of him just smiling, the other, more playful. I loved them both. I sent him a photo of me from my photobooth. And then the emails kept flying. Then the texts, then he called.

I love his voice. I do. I love to hear his voice. It’s different, slightly higher than you’d expect, with a definite east coast accent, though he is from the west coast. BFD’s voice is deep and manly. LP’s is a little more feminine, softer. Everything about him is softer and more gentle.

We reconnected, passionately, and discussed how much we’d missed each other. He called me sweetie, and my sweet, but mostly, he calls me by my name, which I love. It’s hard for me to believe that he’d not dated anyone else over the last month. He’s hot, he really is, and dynamic and awesome, so I can only imagine how many women are throwing themselves at him all the time.

He told me towards the end of the conversation, that we’re both very, very bad (we’d been tormenting each other) and that we’re both very sweet. He’s right on both counts. Being with him feels like being in love. He fulfills so many different things I want in a partner — he’s warm and loving and brilliant and I am really crazy about him.

As we said goodnight, he told me how much he could not wait to see me in a few hours over coffee.

So, I am excited, as always, and things appear to have picked up exactly where we left off a month ago. Except that BFD and I are now dating romantically again. Too.