I awoke early this morning to head to the trail and then to my workout.  It’s about 40 good minutes of cardio ahead of time.  I have blood sugar issues, often, so I made a quick breakfast (scrambled 2 eggs and cream in butter and added parmesan cheese) and headed off.

Our Saturday workout is very different than the one during the week, and not just because Boy Trainer is the one who teaches it.  The people who show on Saturday mornings are a little more hardcore and have been doing it longer.  I workout with BT’s husband, who is just awesome.  BFD came a little late, as always, and took a position about 5 feet from us.  We had a great time.  BT’s husband is a huge flirt and often made me giggle as we went.  BFD mostly ignored us and was much less chatty than normal.

We ended, as always with insane ab work, that had me groaning in pain.  Still, it works.  I joke with BT that he completely created my new body — which, along with GT, they have.  I have the body I always wanted.

Okay, I can finally admit/embrace it: I have a great body (for my age) and I work very, very hard to get and keep it. I finally found the perfect weight for me (112) and I work to stay there. I splurge and compensate in other areas (like I skip buns with food and eat chocolate croissants, like this morning).  Doing dozens of pushups and hundreds of crunches can give you tone and shape without ever having to lift a weight.  Finding an exercise you love, even if you’re as terrible at it as I am, is incredibly rewardng. Working out with other people makes it even better.

Lesson learned from Girl Trainer: smiling makes it hurt less. Seriously!

Thanks to my body image issues, I have been at war with my body at times, but I am very happy with how I look and feel. I looked over at BFD this morning and I was amazed that I could do a certain difficult thing far better than he.

Oh, and he’s getting boyfriendy in public, making it clear that we’re together. Everyone watches us carefully because they find him so fascinating. He arranged a little end-of-year gathering immediately post-workout last week. When he was saying goodbye to people today (announcing as he did that he was driving me home), they reminded him that we’d planned to hang out — he’d planned to drive me home and hit his other gym. He acquiesced and we had a blast. BT, who teaches on Saturdays, and GT, who teaches during the week, each joined us separately as we pulled them in as they walked past the little café.

The food was great, the coffee was amazing, and we really enjoyed getting to know each other.  As people filtered in, we were talking to a married couple and he was teasing me about my eating habits.  When I said something about it, he said “it’s not real!  It’s all in your head!”  I turned to the couple and said, “he ALWAYS says that.”

Unlike the last time we had done this after my first class six months ago, BFD sat on the bench next to me and was clearly with me.  I could see a couple of my friends who go with me during the week were getting a kick out of him in boyfriend mode.  He also handled everything, from the ordering, to secretly picking up the check.

He always picks up the check for the whole group, even though it made the married couple wildly uncomfortable. That’s his thing. He’s rich.  He said, well, I am on the board, so . . . in order to make people less uncomfortable.  But, I laughed because it was meaningless — his being on the board has nothing to do with him picking up the check for 10 or 15 people.

I loved that GT showed up.  She’s wonderful and it turned out, she’d been walking to the market and lost her cash, so she actually really appreciated that we invited her and pulled her on before her next session started.  She gave me the knowing “I guess things are better” look because I’d been really freaking irritated with him when I’d last seen her on Tuesday.

Overall, it was a wonderful chance to see our two trainers and each other and we had a really wonderful time.  As we left, we walked our with one of my buddies from the sessions during the week with GT.  She has known BFD for about a year and she’s really awesome.  We chatted a little about last week’s party, which everyone agreed was our favorite h