I don’t have to resolve to lose weight or get more exercise.  I am good right here.

I look good; I feel good.  I am healthy and fit, making it through the holidays without any appreciable weight gain.  Still within my preferred range, I am just fine.

I really like how I look and how I am moving.  My body feels lithe and strong.  My body is lithe and strong.

I have been working my ass off, literally, for a long time and it amused me to think that this year, I had no thoughts about getting healthy or losing weight or working out more.  I am happy where I am — eating well, exercising 2-4x/week, getting stronger and fitter week by week.

I examined photos of myself from 18 months ago, when I was a size 4, weighing about 125.  I look so comparatively heavy I had to delete them from a profile because I no longer look like that.

It’s hard to believe that 2 years ago, I was 45 pounds heavier, a 10/12.  Now, I am a 2/4 (mostly 2).