This feeling, I want to bottle it and wear it as my fragrance every day. I feel amazingly at the top of my game, handling things with aplomb, with style, with grace. I feel powerful and lovely and loved and brilliant and confident. Overall, confident. I feel it emanating from me.

I am seeing clearly.

I just appeared on and dispensed with a conference call in about 10 minutes — pleasant, efficient, but on and off with ease. I listened to the pitch, asked relevant questions, got what I needed, asked BP if there were anything else, and I jumped off the line. I love when that happens. I know the industry like the back of my hand and I know BP well enough to know that they may get half of what they want with ridiculous strings, and that they will take it.

I am back to seeing my 720 degree view. It feels good now that my head is not so deeply embedded in my own ass and I just see clearly.

I feel, for the first time in a long time, like I am back at the top of my game. I want to bottle this and wear it because this aroma is success.