I often claim, in hushed tones, to be secretly geeky.

If you are my friend, you know it’s no secret.  I am totally geeky, but it amuses me to pretend that I am not.

This afternoon, I called N to confirm our date for tomorrow night.  He’s notorious for calling en route without confirmation or from a place where he reasonably assumes I will be (a party to which I have rsvp’d or our Cheers) to find out where I am.  I have a big meeting in the afternoon, so I took the initiative (shocking!) to say, uh, what’s the deal, yo?!!!

He said, well, I’ll pick you up early and we’ll grab a drink before the show.  I said, no, why don’t we grab dinner ahead, something casual?  This made him very happy.  Of course.

I mentioned that there is a change to a restaurant close to the concert hall that I heard about on twitter.  I said, you know, I am secretly geeky.  This wildly successful tech entrepreneur reminded me: “it’s no secret.”  I told him that in our relationship, he is the nice one and I am me, which is the perfect yin and yang.  He agreed that would make us in balance.  And laughed.

He is a very dear man.  I had such a great time when I last escorted him in September (driving BFD insanely jealous though we were on a break at the time), but I was not ready to date him for real.  Heck even that night, I had plans to see BFD later that night.

He’s very interesting.  He dropped out of college with some buddies and started a company almost 30 years ago.  He sold his interest after a few years, went back to school, and now has another interesting venture.  When I first met him, I knew he was thin and nice looking in a beautiful tuxedo.  I also assumed he was filled with gaiety.  He was, in fact, straight, and I had made such a ridiculous impression when we were all hammered following a gala, that embarrassment lead me to attend another party the next night at which I bumped into him again and he very directly asked me on a date.  Of course I said yes.  I had no idea who he was.  Even after someone told me, I had no idea who he was.  I also did not care.  Then this guy approached and treated him like a rock star.  Such reverence from all of these people.  N had the grace to be embarrassed.  I turned to him and said, wait, what do you do? He glossed and said “I’m a programmer.”  I googled him when I got home and found first his wikipedia page.

Our first date was shitty, but the reality is that I was not yet ready (though I met BFD days later) and I need a man who is strong enough to make me date him.  Seriously.  Someone who is like, yeah, all that bullshit you do?  Not happening here.  This is a date, we’re together, and you’re going to have to deal with it.  I like to dance on the line and I prefer to have male friends and admirers than boyfriends because I ALWAYS have a boyfriend.

Anyway, after our first date and my continuous blocking him as I started to date BFD, I was able to push N firmly into friend zone.

Since I am now single(ish), N and I are again contemplating dating each other.  He’s had a crush on me forever and I genuinely like him.  So, we’ll see.