I am beginning to embrace the dating thing.

Celibacy makes it easier to accept.  Last night, I went on my 3rd date in a week.  After two dates with the Coffee Date, where I think we’re both convinced it’s a no-go, I went out last night with N.

Dear old N, who has had a crush on me for 18 months now and would love nothing more than to be my boyfriend.  I am being open-minded, giving people chances, but I don’t think it’s going to work.  He takes care of me, which is nice, and I am a very good friend to him.  We speak often and we enjoy each other, but for me, there is no spark.  Also, I really need a man who is willing to tell me “no.”

I tend to ride roughshod over more passive or accommodating men.  I can be a princess, so the right man for me calls me on my bullshit and does not let me be constantly in control.  CD never made a romantic move, and I gave him no opportunity to do so.  He could have forced the issue, but he did not.  N is a different story, he is a little rough around the edges, despite having made his first fortune 30 years ago when he was in his late teens.  But still, he’s terrible when it come to be assertive or demanding of me.  Last night, I picked the restaurant, I picked the after event restaurant.  I picked everything.  He showed up with the tickets for the event.  That was his contribution — and picking up all the checks, of course.

It was fun, and I enjoy him, and were I not dating the other two guys, I could be happy with N, probably, but I am dating them, so for now, we’re staying friends.