Hello.  I am here, alive, and mostly well.  I am working like crazy, losing more weight, pursing multiple online dating things, perhaps reconnecting with my fantasy LP, and talking to my ex BFD daily.

There is a lot happening, obviously.

Work is insane.  In addition my regular stuff, BFD has decided he needs to put his personal plan together.  He’s doing it himself with my input and he has asked me to serve a very important role for him.  I am honored that he trusts me that much.  He is a pain in the ass, of course, about wanting to know all the details and then getting irritated by having to hear all the details.  Annoying, and yet charming.

Weight is down.  Again.  I did not notice, I mean I recorded it, but I did not notice how thin I looked until I took a photo using my photobooth and linked it to a photo from August and one from October.  I am down at least 6 pounds from then, which is significant.  Yesterday, I hit 110, but I am back to 111 today.  I don’t look healthy and I look much thinner.  Even W noticed today.  I called Q, the model, and sent him the photos.  He did not think I looked unhealthy, but he thinks I need to go back up to 120  That’s not a good weight for me.  I just know I need to be a little heavier than this.

Dating is odd.  I am doing a free trial of match and I have dates scheduled.  The one guy I really wanted to meet on ehm I found again on match.  I never saw his photos, but I reached out because of his description of himself and said, essentially “this is potentially awkward, but were we matched on ehm?  If we were hi!  If not, there is another one of you in town.”  It was him!  He was happy to hear from me, too.  In fact, I got a response back in about ten minutes to my initial email and we’re making plans for coffee.  I am making lots of plans for coffee.