My goal is to lose 7.6 pounds to drop from 122.6 to 115.  That is a bmi of 20.4 now to 19.1 at goal.  (Still within healthy bmi.)  This is just vanity weight at the end of an experiment to gain for a month to see how I looked if I added back some of the weight everyone else thinks I should have.

I lost 1.6 from yesterday, which was day 1 of the diet.

Today was day two and my menu was boring.  I have been experimenting with ricotta pancakes.  The two I had today were wonderful.  I loved my dinner salad, I meant to add nuts and cheese to it as well, but I forgot to eat until very late and making a small vinaigrette was as much as I could motivate.

My goal is to eat high protein, high fat, low carb: so I will pick cream over milk (always!), nuts over fruit for snacks, and spinach and broccoli over carrots and tomatoes.

Breakfast: 1 egg, 2 tbs ricotta, 1 tbs feta cheese, .125 cup of chopped onion, 1 clove garlic, 1 tbs olive oil: 260 calories, 4.6 g carb.

Lunch (lazy, lazy, lazy): 1 egg, 2 tbs ricotta, 1 tbs feta cheese, .125 cup of chopped onion, .5 cup broccoli, 1 tbs olive oil: 271 calories, 6.6 g carb.

Snack: 2 tbs sunflower seeds, 64 calories, 1.1 g carb.

Snack: iced coffee with heavy cream: 90 cal, 0 carbs

Snack: 2 tbs blanched almonds, 2.6 g carb

Dinner:  3.0 oz extra lean ground beef, 2 oz spinach, balsamic vinaigrette (.5 tbs olive oil, .5 tsp mustard, .5 tsp balsamic vinegar), 226 cal, 2.7 g carb

Total: 825 calories, 15.6 g total carb, 6.3 fiber 9.3 net carb.