Last night, my friend Girl Doctor (she’s a doctor . . . who’s a girl) asked Jerk Face, who is my best guy friend, his thoughts about the men in my life.

JF sliced them pretty accurately, saying that BFD/LP are really the only ones who matter. The others keep me occupied (N, Brawny, the Coffee Date [whose name I’d forgotten, but JF hadn’t], the Nice Guy), but they are inconsequential. He said that BFD and LP are not engaged enough with me (gone with travel, work, etc.), for his liking, and LP has his complications. He likes them both — he and BFD are friendly and he has met LP, and knows who he is and what he does. He said that until LP’s complications are resolved, he’s not an actual contender, but that I would give up everyone else just to be with him.

And I would.