At some point, I get over him, right?  

That’s what happens?  

At some point, I stop looking for news about him?  I stop looking to see if his profile pictures change?  I stop suffering heartbreak when I see that they do?  That happens, right?

It’s silly to admit I fell for someone not available, someone who does not exist in my world.  I refer to him inaccurately as my ex-boyfriend, which is inaccurate as he was neither my boyfriend nor is he ex.  But that’s the only way I could think to describe how I feel about him.  

I have a hole in my heart where he should be.  He is not technically “gone,” but he is away.

He told me on Wednesday (I think) that he’s back Sunday, but that does not mean anything to me.  His being back does not necessarily affect my life, no matter how much I wish that it did.