I am recovering from a weekend illness that started on early Saturday morning.

When I was . . . um . . . staying at a friend’s house . . .

I have written about it . . . at length, of course, as that is how we roll at The New New Plan, but I wanted to do a brief check-in to say that life has gotten a little more interesting and it is about to get more interesting still.

I have been seeing the nicest guy — he is kind and loving and honorable and awesome and sadly pretty terrible in the sack.  Ugh.  But I spent the night with him on Friday night after a cosmically intended evening and awoke Saturday morning with the tell-tale signs of impending horribleness: abdominal cramping.  Still, I soldiered on and we went to brunch and he helped me with HN’s dogsitting.  He took care of me as I ailed, drove me around, walked the neighbor dog, and we had, even ill, a LOT of sex.

I have a longer post I’ve written, but I am ailing, as I had said, and I have been with him Friday, Saturday, and Monday nights.  I have made it clear he’s not my boyfriend, but seriously, it’s lovely to have a man who is warm and affectionate who loves nothing more than to hold my hand in the grocery store and to kiss me as I sit next to him on the sofa while we both work.

The sex thing is a problem because it’s not going to get much better.  He’s just closed where I am open and I don’t think he’s capable of making me truly happy.  I have been through this before and it ended up disastrously with me sacrificing carnal pleasure for a wonderful man and both of us ended up miserable.  So, we’ll have to see.

At the same time, I am dating other people — although not actively as I am ill.  I am seeing Brawny on Thursday for lunch (he’s SO weird), I canceled on a super hot guy last night — we’re rescheduling, I have a very interesting guy on tap for next week — I think he’s handsome and seems a little dominating in the way I like.  The super nice guy knows this.  He has asked me not to sleep with other men, and I did not agree.  I did not really say anything about it.  I listened and I said I understood.  He said he wants to know, but I know he doesn’t.

So, I have been sick and exhausted, and now I am nearly recovered, but no longer tired.

We’ll see how long this lasts.