I have seen TNG for 10 straight days.  Sunday, he met my friends.  It’s okay.  He’s great — sweet, affectionate, generous, loving, etc.  The sex is not good.  It’s so not good — parts of it are great, parts of it are very frustrating — that I have taken it off the table for now.  Our dates are wonderful and I miss him when he’s gone.

I did not go out with my make-out buddy because he confessed to carrying t-w-o stds. Poor guy.  He thought I knew.  I didn’t.  He’s still hot, but now he’s hot and sad.

I did not go out with Brawny.  I had to cancel on him, then he canceled on me, so I replaced him with TNG again.  Rescheduling for this week.

Spent all Friday afternoon chatting with LP.  He sent new photos — so handsome — and was very sweet and very vulnerable. He asked if we could be together when he’s back — whenever the fuck that is.  I said yes because I do love him and I do miss him and I do want to see if we could make this work.

BFD came back early, called Thursday to hang out, but I was with TNG who then asked if I thought BFD had chipped my car.  I hadn’t until then.  After that, I left the car at my building when I was with TNG.

Weight is up, but not appreciably.

I am exhausted and behind on everything.

BP fired me dramatically and things are tense between us.  They will be more tense when I show up an hour late today, as I am still in bed and I should be driving right now to an out of town meeting.

More on all these things later.