I don’t know that things will ultimately improve, but we’re communicating a bit.  He’s still working on something very high stakes for him.  I am being wifely — made a snack for him as he works, taking care of him to the extent he allows me to.

Yes, I probably have overreacted all day, but we’ve had a rough couple of weeks and I am feeling quite vulnerable with respect to him.

Just writing here helps.  Just getting it out.  Just ranting and raving and focusing my thoughts.

There are so many other things happening and life is quite chaotic and hard.  I am under tremendous pressure to do things, make choices, play certain roles.

For now, I am happy to sit in the big arm chair and take care of TNG.  Tomorrow, I may assume a different role, perhaps with a different person, but for now, and for the past month, I have been here, with him.