I had dinner with BP last night (weight: up 3.2 pounds!). As he got me more and more tipsy, we spoke a bit about LP. BP and I have goofy nicknames for the men in my life, and I have always carefully obscured LP’s real identity from BP.

As the margaritas flowed, I said off-handedly about LP’s kid, well, it’s no surprise the kid is like that as the kid’s mother is [someone sorta famous who I mentioned by reference but not by name]. BP looked at me and grinned broadly and said, I know her! And him!


He went through how he knows her and my heart sank. It’s a super-tight connection with a former business partner of BP’s and I knew immediately that he actually knows LP.

All of the little jokes, small intimacies about this man that I have shared with BP . . . and he knows LP in real life. Not well, but they’ve met and he knows exactly who he is.

BP’s reaction was significantly different than I’d expected though. He’d long been telling me to move on from LP to someone else, a BFD type, someone more suitable for my lifestyle than someone who “has to work for a living.” But now he was incredibly generous and supportive, saying things like, wow, nice pull for you! He was actually impressed that I’d somehow managed to snag this very handsome (and omg handsome), wildly successful man.

He shifted the conversation from, “seriously, a lawyer? Ugh. You can do SO much better” to “what are you going to do with him?!!! You should marry him! Have babies with him! I need some grandkids!”

I mentioned that when we had dated, we did so very openly . . . we’d gone to popular restaurants, we kissed and held hands in public, on the street, etc. I added that he’d taken me to his regular daily sbux during rush hour on Tuesday and kept his arm around my waist as we waited. We were very obviously a couple, in other words, publicly. There was no hiding, no distance, no discomfort. BP was even more impressed.

I do not know what my status is with LP, but I do know that BP knows him and is impressed that he’s the secret guy I’ve seen on and off (mostly off) when I was not with BFD.

I am still a little freaked out, but we live in a small world.