From June 29:

For reasons currently lost to me as the result of a very tipsy evening, I showed photos of TNG to a friend of mine and ended up also showing her photos of BFD and LP.

About TNG, she said “oh, he’s so cute.” He really is adorable. BFD is an attractive man, but her reaction to seeing LP is still bothering me, hours later.

She exclaimed upon seeing him “wow, he’s TOO handsome!” She repeated this a few times over the course of the next couple of minutes.

What does that mean? I suppose the implication is that he is too handsome for me to date. Really?

It was quite underminey, which I should have anticipated as she still considers me as a romantic rival for N.

She still harbors a grudge against N, and to a more limited degree, me, because I met N at a gala to which she had invited him.

It had never occurred to him that it was a date because he considered himself out of her league. And assumed she knew that.

It’s an interesting thing to contemplate. As a single woman, the idea that people are in or out of my league is always apparent. There are certain men to whom I would never be attracted and others who would never be attracted to me.

Anyone who knows me well can look at a group of men and know immediately who would be attracted to me. It is never a surprise.

LP was not a surprise. He is crush-worthy and has been his whole life. But that’s not why he was not a surprise. He is that strong charismatic man who finds my mix of open and closed attractive.

I am no great beauty, but I am attractive enough. I am certainly attractive enough to date LP, despite her implication that I not.