This is the briefest of updates. I have been writing a bit but it’s hard to edit on the iPhone and I am still having computer issues.

I have been sad and morose all week since TNG broke up with me. LP had also gone silent.

My mood changed abruptly on thursday when BFD kissed me. There is a little more to it than that, including a potential date for fireworks on the 4th. But he kissed me and it felt amazing. We still have undeniable chemistry.

I have lost 5 pounds since the breakup, in six days. I look more like me. I an currently at 123.2. I have 5 more pounds to go, which will be much harder.

I went back to my workout for the first time since my knee Injury two and a half weeks ago. It was rough and I left exhausted and in pain, but it is better now.

I thought TNG was refusing to speak to me but he has been marginally responsive now.

It sucks to be carless and poor. I had to run two errands on Thursday and go to my workout and I had to ask W for a ride there and then today to take me to whole foods (I bought my own food) but tonight was a little lonely until I got my head together.

Oh and LP texted me something mild and innocuous, which had me swooning just because hisbpocture showed up in my inbox.

I called N on wednesday and he texted late tonight that he just flew back and asked me out for next week.

TNG responded to a text of mine tonight. I don’t necessarily want to be back with him but I feel quite guilty about being such a terrible gf to him for the past few weeks. And I genuinely adore him.

I spent this Friday night cleaning and listening to music and I am quite happy.