Right now, my life is all about the breaks:

I have had a breakdown tonight, which has lead to a breakthrough. And I have to acknowlege another breakup as well.

I have been making terrible decisions about everything and operating out of fear and anxiety. I have not been me.

I am working toward a new plan, making me my first priority. My most important project.

I am also going to be turning the page and moving on. I have made apologies to important people in my life, although not everyone and not for everything, and I have been asking for help.

It is a surprise how many people only suspected something was wrong, but I have been able to cover well enough that no jne knew the extent of the trouble.


I spent all weekend beating myself up somewhat unfairly for not acting when I should have or holding on too long. When I think about it all in context, there are few if any decisions I would have made differently. I just need to refocus and make changes now.