I had dinner with BFD and Hot Neighbor after our respective workouts. It was fun.

One of my mates extolled BFD’s physique and personality to me so amusingly I told him — people always say you’re so nice — they obviously don’t k ow you. But she kept saying he is so gorgeous– that body!!!

And I agreed. He has an amazing body.

He came down to where I was pre-workout and asked loudly “we’re going out after right?” Right. He finished before me and HN so he stood and watched the end of our deal, while eating a donut.

I gave him the finger as I did crunches.

After, we went to the same restaurant where I’d seen him and that woman and talked to HN about social and philanthropy stuff. BFD can be tone deaf when it comes to money, but telling a 32 yo engineer that contributing 4k/year to a philanthopy is reasonable is just silly.

At various points, I teased BFD in exactly the way an ex-gf would — about how he eats how he lives a place he stays on vacation etc. And he beamed. I am the closest thing he has to a best friend and my knowledge of his life appeared to relax him.

We made plans with HN for dinner in two weeks and then BFD happily drove me home and pledged that we’d talk more about the career stuff.

He kissed me goodbye and it was really nice. I beamed all the way upstairs.