There is always a new guy, right?

Well let’s add the Younger Man to the mix.

I met him at the big party I described in Being On. He was young, and I was a bit dismissive of him. He got my info but I was always talking to other people too, and didn’t pay him too much attention.

I did know he was 30 and kind of cute in a very English sort of way. Also a little doughy, in a very English sort of way. He is in fact English though raised in the States.

Mostly I just knew he was young. We were all talking music and he was quite persistent, but I never pondered him as a romantic interest because he is a child.

The next day, he added me on Twitter (yes, I actively tweet) and we began a dialog. He was flirtatious, but it barely registered … as he is a child.

He pressed a little here and there publicly suggesting a joint shopping trip and soliciting my advice on a new profile pic. This went on for just a few days until he asked if he could call me. I declined somewhat rudely because it was now apparent he had a bit of a crush … And he is 10 years my junior.

I told him I don’t take calls after 10, which I don’t, so we chatted again the next day.

That day, he told me he wanted to call to ask me out, but was afraid of what I’d say. (his game is very effective.). I told him he could call and that night we spoke from 10 pm until 230 in the morning.

He asked me out for the next night, which was my party with BFD. He asked if I needed a date, and I declined. The party was a smashing success . . . to which BFD brought a female friend, which made all of our friends wildly uncomfortable, and then they still drove me home. He’s a charmer.

When I got home, tipsy on champagne, success, and the feeling of having trumped BFD solidly, I called YM, the younger man. He lives in my neighborhood, on the other side of the tracks, so I asked if he wanted to meet me for a burger at our neighborhood pub. He was here in 10 minutes.

The place was packed, as it was now around 9 on a Friday night, so we squeezed in to a table with another couple, to whom we spoke at length. I was still i my party dress and stilettos. He was in cargo shorts, a t shirt, and flip flops. We made an interesting pair. The wife of the couple asked while I was in the restroom how long we’d been together, and YM told her honestly, we’re not but he likes me.

He is 9 years my junior, and looks young. He is unphotogenic, but attractive and he seems a little like he’s still settling into his skin. There are some really interesting things about him that will impact my relationship with him so I may password protect them at some point, but he has a lot of wonderful hidden depths and has confronted his mortality on a couple of occasions.

He has been a competitive athlete and he’s in good shape, but he’s a little softer in the mid-section than I would like while recovering from an injury. More like LP now or A or TNG for that matter. He’s been thinner and fitter and feels it’s time to drop some weight. If he did, he’d go from attractive to super hot, as photos of him clearly demonstrate.

The age thing is an issue because well, he’s so very young. He’s brash, he’s less worldly, and he lacks some of the sophistication of the other men in my life, which is gained though life experience.

But the fact is that I like him, and I like him more every day.

After leaving the restaurant, we headed to my favorite neighborhood wine bar, where we bumped into one of my besties and saw all my favorite bartenders and sat for 20 or 30 minutes before deciding it was time to call it a night.