In brief . . .

I am dating:

  • YM, my adorable new guy, a much younger man
  • N, who I dated pre-BFD, at 10 years older than me, he is 19 years older than YM. Heh.

I am absolutely not dating:

  • TNG, although we went to dinner on the Sunday before I became ill, so like 10 days ago. I really miss him and the relationship I had with him. He has moved on, not happily, but seems better without me than with me. It’s all quite sad.
  • A, Duh. But we’ve spent a lotof quiality time together caring for our ailing animal and no one loves me more than he.

I have an as-yet undefined relationship with:

  • LP, although we broke up, we’re still in at least weekly contact though he’s become more distant as of late.  So have I
  • BFD, who still kisses me passionately whenever we see each other and with whom I still have great chemistry. I always feel there is a chance we’ll reconcile, but his bad behavior is often infuriating