Lingering in the background of everything that has happened . . . BFD.

I’ve not seen him since my first date with YM at the end of August.  But we talk all the time.  When he realized my business was stabilizing, things began to change between us.

We’d tossed around the idea of getting together for a drink, for dinner, whatever, but I hadn’t pushed and neither had he.  Two weeks ago, we talked daily and again about how much we loved each other.  He also gave me a new project to work on for him and had me consulting with his other attorney on the old matter from last fall that pulled us back together.

So, I was not surprised when he called me Tuesday afternoon to check in.  It’s always good to hear his voice.  He wanted to know how things were going in business (things are good), told me he wanted to schedule lunch among me, him, and his lawyer (“social”), and asked me how my weekend had been.

BFD, asking about my weekend . . .

I told him that I’d slept all day Sunday, which I had, to get caught up, and asked about his. He said he’d taking care of some personal things and getting everything squared away.  I don’t remember his exact phrase but my impression was that he was clearing the decks and ending a relationship.

So, it was not exactly a surprise when he explicitly propositioned me.  But actually, I was taken aback.  I mean, he’s propositioned me before since we broke up in January.  But this felt different.  It was very direct, and in the flow of our conversation, it was clear that it was not about sex.

It was said in a way that he could tell a lot by how I responded: “[Plan], you need some …” I suppose had I giggled and said, that’s what [FM, YM, LP, etc] are for, he would have turned it into, you need to get laid. It was outrageous and yet, uncommitted.  But, I speak BFD, and I knew what he meant.  So, I responded, “oh? Know where I can …?” He said, we’ll talk calendar.

So, he now knows I am not sleeping with anyone else, and I know he is not sleeping with anyone else, and we know that we’re both available to being together.

Like when I asked him what he would do when my life stabilized and he responded “I don’t know,” we’ve always known that a reconciliation was possible and frankly desirable.

So, it’s unsurprising as I have known he’s been thinking about it for weeks, if not months.  It’s time.  Who knows how it will go when we are together again, but if we pick up the chemistry with the better friendship and love and understanding we have now . . . it’s at least worth considering.