Some of you are connected to me in real life on social media stuff.  To you, the identities of the people I am speaking about are probably rather obvious.  As here, I keep very little completely to myself.

Because I am so open with people to whom I am close — and you all, to whom I also feel close — about my eating issues, I sometimes resist posting every single thing that pops into my head because I know it can scare people who care about me.  But the fact is, you cannot read me in any forum and believe I have a completely healthy relationship with food.

FM posts things about me that I have quoted here. Both of our accounts are private and locked down, but some of you know me.  Some of you may know him. In general, it’s okay.  Same thing with YM. If you know who I am, you probably know — or suspect — who he is. (He is way cuter in real life. 😉 )  It’s hard to identify BFD or LP, as I am not connected to either one of them in social media in any meaningful way.

We all tend to speak openly about things perhaps we should keep more private. I acknowledge elsewhere that I know him and that we socialize together, but no one there knows that when I am updating a status in the morning, I am doing it when I am next to him. Ahem.  For example.  But you do.

So, I have gone back and forth about what to share here and how open to make everything.  It’s not just my real life covered here, it’s my diary.  The stuff I work out, so I don’t have to obsess elsewhere.