So, I have been out a lot.  Like A LOT. Like all the freaking time.

The days started to run together a bit. I’ve done things rather far out of character — hello, karaoke — I’ve been drunk and stupid in public — and FM and I got into enough tiffs and arguments (mostly in public) we decided to do the right thing and put the kibosh on the relationship and acknowledge that we are very, very good friends.

I have a group of six people I am now hanging out with regularly — three girls, three guys — and we combine in different permutations, with stupid nicknames we text each other with as we do.  Everyone is interested in or has gone out with at least two of the other people in the group and they are all smart and quick-witted and funny.

Being so close with FM is interesting because we’ve been able to make the transition from predator/prey to making out like mad to very very close friends with only a few very public spats, that were easily explainable.  I finally confessed to YM the truth after he saw our last big argument at like 2 am on (the day before) thanksgiving. He asked me directly and I told him the truth. Yes, we’d been seeing each other. No, we were no longer seeing each other.  No, it was never a big deal.

It really wasn’t, though it’s not something either of us did lightly.

We always knew it was temporary, but the chemistry was there, and we were having fun.

Tonight, we had dinner with our girl C, who is so attractive it’s no surprise everyone is a little in love with her.  C had called me to rescue her. She was in my neighborhood and had spent the night with an ex and was still drunk (at 2 pm the next day). So, we met for wine around 3 and then FM joined us for an early dinner around 430.

FM was sitting next to me at the table and C snapped a few candid pictures of us.  One of them she posted, although she did not tag us.  I mentioned to a friend of FM that she’d posted it, so he asked me for the link. Upon seeing it, he said responding to my amusement she did not tag us: “she didn’t want to out y’all and your cute longing stares of adoration?”

Uh . . .

Yeah, probably.  It’s kinda cute, and I forget sometimes that he is as attractive as he is.

Tonight, we started there, then hit 4 more places and ate after 1 am.

It is silly to go out so much.