Okay, so I am finally catching up on all my posting.  So much has been happening.

In summary, I am now sort of dating a boy I have a total crush on (PR), I am living with a guy I was seeing and with whom I used to fight incessantly (FM), one of my friends is threatening somewhat idly to kill himself (we’re intervening and it’s okay, I think), I spent three days on vacation with C, her now-boyfriend YF, and FM . . . as LP was trying to see me for NYE/D/whatever, BFD has decided he wants a social life AND wants me to work on a new concept with him, and I’ve decided to go back to an old area of specialty at which I am actually making money.

Oh, and my beloved cat died, which makes FM’s presence here so much more precious to me. The night she died, I slept in his bed so I didn’t have to sleep alone in mine, and he’s been quietly de-catting the condo.  She was over 15 and had been ailing, but her death devastated me and her dad.

So, I am catching up on things and sharing with you, my readers and my diary, what in the hell is happening and trying to sort it all out.  I’d spent a lot of time doing and not a lot of time reflecting, which is short-term fun and long-term counterproductive.