I’ve been actively dating, though PR and I are not currently together.  This weekend alone, I’ve made out with two very very handsome men and had a date with PR’s roommate (PR, Jr.) who has a crush on both me and my girlfriend C.

Friday night, C and I took the new dog to the park, then had dinner and drinks with JF and JF’s girl (and the dog) and got back to my place around 11. FM wanted us to join him downtown and was a little pathetic about it, so we threw on ridiculous clothes and went.

Friday was fun, but we did not get home until after 3. I met a ridiculously handsome guy who I didn’t realize liked me until he was making out with me.

When I awoke the next morning, I saw a text from the ridic handsome guy and from LP.

The LP text was just “hi.”

When I awoke, I replied back “hi” and then 30 minutes later got a “how are you?” We chatted a bit as he told me “you were on my mind,” assured me in a good way, and called me sweetie. It was lovely, and I really didn’t think much more about it.

Over a phenomenal dinner with C and PR, Jr. (PR’s best friend and flatmate), I started talking to PR, Jr. about LP. We were talking about amazing meals and he told me about the ridiculous meal he and PR had the night before he moved to the NW. I mentioned that PR’d told me about the meal, but not that he went with PR Jr.

I said, well, I had a first date there, which PR Jr. found shocking. Everyone always does as it’s the best, most expensive restaurant in town. I told him we’d gotten into two arguments. I told him much of the tale. He wanted to know what kind of man would take a woman on a first date to that place, so I gave him the vaguest profile — and how we’d met, and he was like, “oh, yeah, that kind of guy.”

Anyway, it made me miss LP, with whom I’d chatted in the morning. After dinner, when we all cut our evening short in food comas, I texted LP to say “Dinner with friends @[fave rest] led to a discussion of great meals in town, which led to a discussion of [firstdateplace]. Didn’t think about you at all. ;)”

No response.

Early Sunday morning, I get a “what’s @[fave rest]?” I sent him a link to the menu and this is our conversation:

LP: Wow 7:55 AM
Me: I know! It was crazy! And amazing. 🙂 8:05 AM
LP: Can i ask a crazy question? 8:06 AM
Me: Always… 8:07 AM
LP: You didnt write an email to [ex] months ago did you? 8:08 AM
Me: Oh my god no 8:08 AM
Me: Someone did that? 8:09 AM
LP: I didnt think so 8:09 AM
LP: Yes or so she says 8:09 AM
LP: That someone named [The Planner] wrote her an email that led [ex] to say “tell that woman [The Planner] who loves you to leave me the fuck alone” 8:10 AM
Me: That would not have been this [The Planner] 8:11 AM
Me: We have a couple of friends in common and I’ve never uttered your name or acknowledged I know you 8:12 AM
LP: I figured she was making it up. I dont know any other [The Planner]s 8:12 AM
LP: Except for a very large woman at my office hah!! 8:12 AM
Me: Ha 8:13 AM
Me: How terribly bizarre 8:14 AM
LP: Totally 8:15 AM
LP: Xxoo 8:15 AM
Me: When was this exactly, do you remember? 8:15 AM
LP: She said the email was sent many months ago but she just got it recently because it was sent to a different acct she rarely sees 8:16 AM
Me: I don’t even follow her on twitter and I would have never done anything like that. Want to know the code we use for you?8:19 AM
LP: Who is we? 8:20 AM
Me: Some of my defense lawyer friends, after I’d initially met you, referred to you as [nickname] (a brilliant virtuouso) 8:20 AM
LP: Silly girl 8:21 AM
Me: Lol. 8:21 AM
LP: Fyi i liked the [band] song i heard on the radio one day – made me think of you 8:23 AM
Me: I am a silly girl. Who misses you. 8:23 AM
Me: Nice. I’ve been at a lot of [genre] shows, which made me think of you. 8:24 AM
Me: I have to tell you… I am genuinely upset about the [ex] thing. 8:37 AM
Me: And I can only imagine how you must have felt 8:37 AM
LP: Thanks. It was just strange. 8:39 AM
LP: I figured it would 8:39 AM
LP: Wouldnt have been you – but who knows 8:39 AM
Me: Heh, you would know it wouldn’t have been me. I am glad you asked. 8:42 AM
Me: I wonder if she saw your phone and decided to gin up something. 8:44 AM
Me: Anyway, aside from that bs, how are you? 8:44 AM
LP: I am ok 9:15 AM
Me: “ok” is not “good.” You know I am here for you. 9:20 AM
LP: True 9:22 AM
Me: xoxo 9:37 AM

And then our conversation continued for another 45 minutes.

C and I went to brunch, where I proceeded to drink a LOT of champagne, eat decadently, and then shop for new dresses all afternoon. At some point, when we were eating mussels and drinking wine (aka dinner), I texted LP again.  I told him I’d been shopping and it’s too bad he was working as I was wearing a ridiculously short dress (which I’d just bought at American Apparel.)  We exchanged a few texts and I invited him to join me and C downtown.

And he said he’d try. And I freaked out a little.

And then he showed up . . . .