Today, I stepped on the scale after a ridiculous weekend of eating and drinking and found my weight at 131.6.

My goal weight is 118, so I have 13.6 pounds to lose. The first few should come off easily, as I am certain I am carrying a lot of water after so much salty food (crawfish boil, pork belly tacos, etc.).

To achieve my goal, I am going back on Atkins induction. I am also upping my exercise a bit and cutting out alcohol.

I had intentionally gained weight in January and February at the request of my friends who were concerned about my health and well-being. I have just not been comfortable at this larger size. I am still a 4, but I don’t like how I look.

It’s time to look like me again, though I am going to be careful to avoid the danger on the other end of losing far too much weight. I’ve gotten below 110 on a couple of occasions and that’s just not healthy for me.