Day 2: 2.8 pounds lost.

As I knew yesterday, it’s nearly all water, but still, I am happy to be on the right track.

This week will be challenging, as I have a dinner with BFD and friends on Wednesday, an event for PR on Friday (to which I want to invite LP), and plans for a big night out with FM and our friends on Thursday.  Each of those involve cocktails (lots of cocktails), and salt-laden food.

But, the reality is that I am 10 pounds from ultimate goal and 6 pounds from intermediate goal of 122.

I can get there in 3 weeks, if I do the right things. I am committed to getting there, to looking better in my clothes, to looking better in photos, to feeling more confident in my own skin.

I am taking back control across the board, where I’ve been coasting for months.  I am reasserting myself with friends, with clients, and enforcing my will upon the world.

Now, I am no shrinking violet.  Apparently, I am quite a force of nature, to the usual delight of my friends (and sometimes dismay). I can suck the oxygen out of a room without effort or thought. But it’s important to be more aware and to use that power to get what I want and where I want.

First, I have to figure out what I want. Then, I will figure out how to get there.

For now, it feels like I am back on the right track.