I often say that when I spend time with BFD, I begin to feel like I can bend space and time to suit my whim. It feels different, that tapping into a source power and spending time around a man who controls his universe gives you that same power.

Typically, these men are older and more established, so it becomes, as PRX mentioned yesterday and I’ve certainly experienced, not just a loving relationship, but also a mentorship.  That may sound as if I am somehow diminishing us, but I learned more from BFD in a year and a half of dating him and two and a half years of being in his life than I learned in law school.  Being in his presence has been being in a master class for business, and he gave me the ability to understand intricacies and use that knowledge to impact my work.

There should be no surprise, really, that it takes a certain type of woman to date and keep a man like this. They’re deeply narcissistic workaholics who run their worlds.  We bring a certain set of skills to the table, along with princess tendencies to be sure.  One of these men described me as “very easy going… until you’re really really not.” Which works for BFD. When we hosted a party together two weeks ago, I made the reservations, sent his wine back, ordered for everyone, made sure everything went smoothly and then took ownership of the situation when it didn’t. And then I made sure to take pictures and document everything for everyone.

BFD called me the next morning to thank me — as always — for managing everything and for being such a great hostess.  It’s something in which I take pride. I manage events, make everyone comfortable, and fix things in the background.

It is part of my life.