I never really explained what happened with PR, the brilliant, interesting, creative guy who I’d met on Christmas. We went out a few times, hung out a few times, and seemed to have been turning an important corner in our relationship until… another woman entered the picture.

We were never exclusive, by my choice, in that I shut down a conversation about it dismissively on our third date with a “not asking, don’t care,” when he brought up that he was only seeing me. [Really poorly played by me…]

She knew I was seeing him. When she met him, I was at a work reception he hosted for the company she was consulting — I was there as his girl, I invited half the guests, he introduced me to his best friends … and then kissed me rather extensively and only semi-privately at the end of the night when she was still there.

That she dates him: not a big deal. She’s been open and public and nasty
about it. She has flown in to see him last minute (changing travel plans the day of when she learned I was hanging out with him the night before). She has invited FM to events she has hosted because she knew I was with FM.

So the PR thing has been challenging because we genuinely like each other, but he’s also dating this “bigger better deal” who marks her territory consistently.

We have both been the bigger people about it. He knows I know about her, though we’ve never discussed it. He has not kissed me in the two months since this all happened. But every time I see him, he glues himself to me and is wonderful and charming.

It’s sort of painful for him and sort of painful for me, but we’ve soldiered on.