I downloaded a great app called myfitnesspal, which is a food diary (bar code enabled) and a weight tracker.

I love it.

I mostly love watching my weight drop since I decided to get serious and drop 15 pounds.  Starting on July 29, I started meticulously tracking my calorie intake, weighing my ingredients, and weighing myself daily.

So far, I’ve lost 8.2 pounds.

It’s mostly come off quickly.  I have found that it’s really about limiting my calories.  I am eliminating most carbs and keeping my calories low enough I am unwilling to post it.

But it is working.

I have 4 pounds to go to hit my intermediate goal of 122 and 4 more pounds to hit my ultimate goal of 118.  I am aware that once I hit 118, I will want to drop to 115.  Then we get back into my bad habits and disordered thinking.  For now, I will focus on getting to my goal weight.

Now that my birthday celebrations and parties and dinners are over, it should be easier to stick to my diet.

I’d love to drop an extra 4 pounds (at least) before a big social engagement on the 20th.  If I keep doing the right things, it’s definitely achievable.  I’d also love to drop the full 8 before FM’s birthday party weekend in September.  That’s unlikely, but I might get close as it’s 3.5 weeks away.

I am exercising, but not as hard as I used to. BFD has been paying for a gym membership for me for months, and I’ve never even filled out the paperwork.  I promised him, at a minimum, I’d start using it.

I am happy with my diet progress and the app is helping to keep me accountable.  I missed recording on a couple of birthday days, but since then I’ve been perfect, including recording yesterday when I had a lot of beer.

I weigh ingredients rather than guess, and I am recording every thing including  emergen-c packets.  In fact, I just weighed the ingredients in a sandwich I deconstructed after FM brought it home for me.

It’s a bit extreme to weigh myself and my food, but it enables me to really focus on what’s working and be aware of what is not.