FM is still angry that I “made out” with his friend HS.

I have reheard this story now multiple times, and he is still angry.  He admits he is wrong to be angry.  He understands where the miscommunication occurred.

On the positive side, it is hastening his desire to move out of my guest room.

We both need more privacy.

He has said, typically in rather drunken moments, that he wants to still sleep with me: “we have before, and we will again.” Uh, yeah, . . . um, no.  We’re done.  We’ve been done.  I moved on.  He’s started hooking up with a woman here he’s not that into as he’s breaking up with the girl he’s dating long-distance.

His lack of discretion is beginning to grate on me, among other things.  he announced to his new hookup buddy (who he has not actually slept with, but she’s done certain things parked downstairs in front of our building, which is quite charming) that we’d slept together. We both asserted it was long ago. We choose to view “long ago” as three weeks for the sake of tranquility.

So, he knows he is wrong to be mad, and yet, he is still mad.

I . . . am over it and him. I was over him beforehand, which is why I was with HS.  It was a capstone for the entire relationship, underscoring we were done, cementing our break.

Plus, it’s easier than backsliding into something with PR or BFD.